Is Terry Crews Natural Or On Steroids?

Terry Crews is famously known as the Black Hulk and it is quite obvious that many people suspect him of having used steroids to bulk up heavily.

My experience of training in the gym for more than 15 years makes it easy for me to spot a natty as well as a fake natty.

is terry crews natural or on steroids

Let’s check out if Terry Crews is someone who is natural or not…

Does Terry Crews Use Steroids?

To begin with, I would like to say that Terry Crews is someone who should not be believed as someone who has been taking steroids. His training, bulking history, and his body do not really show signs of using steroids.

Many people are not actually aware of this but Terry Crews was an NFL player before he starred in Everyone Hates Chris and White Chicks. What goes without saying is that his football career was one of the main reasons behind his excellent physique. It is worth noting that he began training at the early age of 14 and has been dedicated to staying fit almost all his life.

He is extremely health-conscious and is known to have said that he considers exercise as both a mental and a physical practice at the same time.

This tends to clarify a lot of doubts about his using steroids since steroids can be bad for both your physical and mental health.

Body Form

Terry Crews is 54 years old right now and is in amazing shape and this is because of his intense workout routines and his equally amazing genetics.

His routine involves lifting weights and is a mix of both resistance training and cardio. Not just this, he is also known to run at least 4 miles a day which helps keep his fat levels low.

Furthermore, he is also known to fast regularly and consume green tea and sports drink on such days that he fasts.

Terry Crew’s Statements

Terry Crews is himself known to have said on Twitter:

I have never taken steroids, and never will. I’m 100% all-natural. That may be why I’m so ugly. I meant that in a good way.

Moreover, he is known to have denied using steroids in a couple of interviews too. He is known to have said that his goal was not just to get ripped but also to get a healthy mindset which is not possible with steroids.

I must say that a lot of steroids tend to make you aggressive and may even lead to brain fog.

Body Transformation

One of the most apparent things about his physique is that he has almost always looked ripped on screen.

However, what most people are not aware of is that his physique has undergone a massive transformation after he retired as a professional athlete.

Terry reportedly gained close to 30 lbs after retiring as a professional athlete which is known to have made him depressed. He is known to have said that he was no longer able to run as fast as he could previously and this was something that made him take rethink his workout strategy.

As soon as he realized that is was his excess body weight that was making him slow as a runner he started lifting weights and doing pull-ups. Later on, he is known to have combined his routine with intermittent fasting as well as cardio and this helped melt away excess fat from his body.

Why Do People Suspect Terry Of Using Steroids?

There are a couple of reasons why people suspected him of having used steroids.

First of all, with Arnold coming out clear about using steroids, people thought Terry too might be using steroids. Even though there are many people in showbiz who have used steroids but never accepted using them. It is but natural for most people to think that even Terry was using steroids because of the excellent body shape that he was in.

You see Hollywood is not a stranger to steroids and other drugs that could be used for bulking as well as for getting lean and Terry is definitely a part of Hollywood. No wonder, people thought he was also using gear like many other Hollywood stars.

Secondly, what made their suspicions even stronger was that he had impressively huge muscles which many thought were not naturally possible to build. A single glance at his physique makes it clear that he is all muscle with outrageously low levels of body fat which many thought could never be possible to achieve without using steroids.

is terry crews natural or on steroids

3 Telltale Signs of Using Steroids

Those that use steroids often show signs that could give them away. Here are 3 of those signs and how Terry fares in them:

Extreme Vascularity

Steroids tend to increase vascularity because of two main reasons:

  • First of all, steroids tend to cut down collagen synthesis in your body. Now, collagen is the protein that makes your skin thick. Less collagen makes veins closer to the surface of the skin, thereby enhancing vascularity.
  • Secondly, steroids also make your body increase its production of red blood cells which makes veins more visible.

Relating these two facts to Terry Crews, I must mention here that he is 54 years of age now and at this age, his body must be producing less collagen. Thus, if he was taking steroids, his veins would be more clearly visible.

Secondly, Crews is someone who is heavily muscled even at this age. Now, more muscles in your body require more blood flow to deliver nutrients to the cells. In other words, the kind of muscle mass that he has would make his veins even more prominent.

On top of this, he has very little body fat. Thus, less fat would also make his veins more pronounced.

However, Terry Crews is not as vascular. You can clearly make out in his photographs that he has thick skin which means that is not on steroids otherwise he would be far more vascular than he currently is.

Larger Breast Tissue

One of the problems that a lot of steroid users suffer from is gynecomastia and this is because excess testosterone (resulting from steroids) gets readily converted to the female hormone estrogen in their bodies.

Even though Crews has a good amount of muscle in his upper body, he does not seem to be suffering from gyno, which again confirms that he is not someone who is on steroids.

Quick Bulk

Most steroid users bulk up really fast which is why they take steroids in the first place.

As mentioned above, Crew gained close to 30 lbs after he retired from his athletic career. As a matter of fact, he has almost always been jacked and there’s nothing to show that he gained a lot of muscle after he got into showbiz.

Thus, his gaining muscle does not really look like he gained it because of steroids. Unlike Bradley Martyn, Terry does not show any signs of using steroids.

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Verdict – Is Terry Crews Natural Or On Steroids?

Nope! I can say it with utmost certainty that Terry is 100% natty. Yep! He’s as natural as possibly one can be.

One of the most important things about Crews is that he has tried to focus on making himself stronger both physically and mentally which is not possible when one begins doping. His health-conscious attitude makes me believe that he’s natural.

Over and above, I don’t think there is any proof to suggest that he has been using steroids. He is not overly vascular nor does he show any signs of gynecomastia. At the same time, he does not have 3D or overdeveloped shoulders, acne, etc.

However, it is possible that he might have combined his training and diet with legal steroids or supplements that mimic steroids without any side effects and do not even require post-cycle therapy.



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