Christine Brown Weight Loss with Before and After Pics

Famous for her role in Sister Wives, Christine Brown has never looked better. I recently looked at her pictures and realized that she must have lost a couple of pounds to look good in her new avatar.

As a fitness expert, I am deeply impressed with people who undergo body transformation and it was but obvious for me to find out what went behind the scenes to help her get back in shape.

Christine Brown weight loss

I teamed up with a nutritionist and spent some time going through her old pictures and social media posts (as I did to find out more about Dan Folger and Chaz Bono’s weight loss) to make out what regime she must have followed to lose weight.

Keep reading for more.

How Did Christie Brown Lose Weight?

Christie Brown is one person who has been able to lose weight by focusing on her overall health rather than trying to lose a couple of pounds of her body weight.

This can be said because it is known that she was suffering from bad gut health and in an attempt to improve that she altered her diet by cutting out processed foods and refined sugars. Not just this, she also made sure that she consumed whole lot of fiber-rich foofs in her diet.

Apart from this, Christine also drank plenty of water.

But, all this is just one part of her weight loss routine.

The second and most important part was a regular exercise routine that she stuck to.

Moreover, she also made sure that she got enough peaceful sleep every night after a day of hard work.

One of the best things is that she seems to have found a way to keep weight off from coming back. All those who have been through various stages of the weight loss cycle know and understand that it is extremely important to prevent yourself from gaining weight again after you are done with losing it.

Unfortunately, some of her fans believe that embarked on her weight loss journey after splitting with Kody and she did it for all the wrong reasons when in reality she wanted to lose weight to improve her gut and overall health.

Christine Brown Before After

Here’s her body transformation:

christine brown weight loss

How Did Christine Brown Change Her Diet?

One of the most unique things that stands out about Christine Brown’s diet is that she started having foods that were appropriate for her blood type.

Blood type diets are getting increasingly popular these days with many people realizing that having foods that match their blood type can provide many health benefits.

I must say that this step or change in her diet seems to have paid off well as Christine not only lost a couple of extra pounds but also gained a lot more energy and made her feel better.

In order to give you an idea, the type O diet is quite rich in protein and it seems to resemble the paleo diet. Type A diet, on the other hand, is similar to a vegetarian diet.

Having said that, I must remind you of the fact that there is no scientific evidence to suggest that a blood-type diet can ensure health benefits. Nonetheless, dieticians still believe that such diets can help you lose weight, feel better and also assist in improving your digestion.

Getting back to Christine, this approach seems to have worked quite well for her.

She not only lost a couple of pounds and this seems to have done a great job of boosting her self-esteem and confidence too.

Even though there is a lack of scientific evidence that a blood-type diet works, it seems to have helped Christine improve her digestion which further translated into her feeling better and having more energy.

At this point, I would like to mention here before making any changes to your diet and before you begin following a particular diet, it is always better to consult a healthcare expert or a nutritionist.

It’s worth noting here that in the case of Christine Brown, following the blood type diet was the game changer!

Christine Brown’s Fitness Routine

This is what Christine Brown’s fitness routine looked like:

Christine’s workout consisted of a couple of dumbbell exercises. She is also known to have engaged in more outdoor activities such as hiking with her daughters to help burn more fat. Hiking is one of the best options to consider if you are an outdoor person.

Going over rough and difficult terrain with a good partner or team can be enjoyable and rewarding as far as burning excess fat is concerned.

Not just this, a good workout can also help re-energize your body. Moreover, it can also act as a great stress-buster.

Christine is someone who really likes being active. Not just this, she also encourages her followers to engage in some kind of physical activity, even if it is for just a few minutes a day.

She is also known to have started a fitness group along with her daughter Maddie sharing vital weight loss tips and secrets as well as products that helped them achieve their weight loss goals.

Christine Brown’s fitness routine consisted of arm exercises (with dumbbells), hiking, daily walks, etc.

Did Christine Brown Undergo Surgery?

No! Christine has not undergone any kind of surgery in order to lose weight. She seems to have relied on exercise and a change in her diet to get back in shape.

How Much Weight has Christine Brown lost?

Christine Brown is known to have lost six pounds ever since she embarked on her weight loss journey way back in 2019. Moreover, she is committed to keeping this weight from coming back. She follows a healthy lifestyle and diet so as to ensure better overall health and well-being.

How To Lose Weight Like Christine Brown?

One of the best ways to lose weight is to workout daily. Not just this, it is also important to have the right foods. Eliminating junk and processed foods from your diet can be a massive step at losing unwanted body fat and weight.


Moreover, you can also combine a good fat burner with diet and exercise to get great weight loss results.

PhenQ is one such fat burner that is known to have helped thousands of men and women like you get back in shape without unwanted side effects.

PhenQ is a unique 5-in-one formula that not only helps speed up fat burning in your body but also helps curb your appetite gently. It has been around for almost a decade now and has gotten thousands of positive reviews from satisfied and happy clients.

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Christine Brown, famous for her role in Sister Wives, is known to have lost with changes in her diet and a particular exercise routine. You can also get back in shape with changes in your diet and exercise routine. Moreover, you can also use a natural fat burner such as PhenQ to get back in shape.

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