Dan Fogler Weight Loss with Before After Pics

Dan Fogler (famous for his role in Harry Potter and more recently, in the Fantastic Beasts series by J.K. Rowling) is one of the few actors or celebs who has gone through a dramatic body transformation. Losing 150 lbs is not an easy thing.

This is a guy who with his massive weight loss caught my attention. I have been in the fitness industry for almost two decades now and I am always intrigued and inspired by stories like this.

Dan Fogler Weight loss

It is quite obvious that I spent a couple of hours researching how exactly he managed to lose weight and I am really excited to share it all with you.

How Did Dan Fogler Lose Weight?

As he turned 40, he became conscious of high cholesterol levels and slow metabolism (one of the main reasons for his being overweight). It’s great that he then decided to do something about his weight issues.

He is known to have lost weight with the help of a combination of intermittent fasting and some really enjoyable exercise forms such as karate.

Intermittent fasting is a type of diet in which you are required to cycle periods of dieting and fasting. Over time it tends to accelerate your metabolism enabling your body to burn fat at a much faster rate resulting in weight loss.

Fortunately and interestingly, Fogler is known to have discovered his love for karate early in his weight loss journey and this seems to have helped him both lose excess weight and improve muscle tone and definition.

Even though Fogler was not an athlete, he managed to lose weight by combining these two weight-loss approaches and by sticking to these methods over time.

Dan Fogler Stats

Age46 years old
Height5’ 7”
Starting Weight270 lbs
Total Weight Loss160 lbs

Dan Fogler Before and After Pics

Here are some before and after pics showing Dan Fogler’s 100 lb weight loss:

dan fogler weight loss
Dan Fogler weight loss

Is Fogler on a Diet Plan?

Nope! One of the most interesting things is that he claims he has never stuck to a strict diet plan. He further goes on to clarify that even though he has not followed any diet he has tried to stop having processed foods and focus on a clean and whole-food based diet.

As someone in the fitness industry, I can vouch for the effectiveness of this simple rule. Processed foods are the crux of many health problems and issues that many people suffer from in the current age and time.

Dan Fogler seems to have further said that, unlike most celebrities that have their diet plans decided by nutritionists, he seems to have just changed his eating habits.

The results are quite evident with him looking much leaner in his latest avatar!

Its worth noting that he seems to have eliminated junk food, bread and dairy from his diet.

Moreover, he is known to have exercised on a regular basis. This is something that has played a crucial role in his weight loss journey.

It can be said that Fogler’s weight loss is a direct result of changes in his lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle plays a very important role in ensuring proper body weight coupled with a fast working metabolism.

This is what he says…

“I hit 40, and my metabolism was thrown out the window. I had to stop eating foods that were processed. All I was eating was processed. So I had to really balance that out with actual food. And that was really the first 60 pounds that came off. Eliminating soda, bread, pizza, and dairy.”

What Was Dan Fogler’s Workout Plan?

Whenever you hear a weight loss success story, exercise is something that forms the basis of that weight loss. It is no different in the case of Fogler.

However, instead of frequenting a gym, he seems to have chosen other forms of workout including:

  • karate
  • hiking and
  • outdoor walking


One of the first things that he seems to have done is that he started practicing martial arts.

Any form of exercise is good for burning fat and martial arts or karate not only helps you burn fat but also helps increase your strength levels tremendously.

Personally, I have never seen someone practicing karate or similar forms of martial arts being overweight. These guys are truly disciplined when it comes to training or having food. Not just this, they also follow a set sleep routine which is so very important to ensure proper overall health, recovery, etc.


Dan is more of an outdoor person and his love for hiking seems to have helped him in his weight loss efforts.

Hiking is a great workout because it tends to challenge your whole body.

For someone, who is excessively overweight, Hiking can be a great way to lose weight without putting much strain on the joints. No wonder, it has worked exceptionally well in Dan’s case.

Outdoor Walking

As mentioned above, Dan is more of an outdoor person and he loves going for long walks rather than stepping into his gym shoes.

Long walks can be a great way to lose weight. They can help reduce stress too. Such walks can be great for improving your cardiac health, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Did Dan Go Under the Knife?

No! To be honest, Dan has not had any surgery to reach his weight loss goals.

The actor says that he has been able to lose weight naturally and reports of him having undergone surgery are just rumours.

Many people seem to have attributed his quick weight loss (of more than 100 lbs) to surgery. However, he seems to have denied all such allegations.

Besides, there’s no proof that he went through surgery to get back in shape.

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Dan Fogler is a perfect example of how lifestyle changes can help you lose weight and get back in shape. Just by making small changes in your diet and incorporating exercise that you love can help melt away excess fat from your body.


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