Chaz Bono Weight Loss and Before and After Pics

Chaz Salvatore Bono is a well-known American actor, author and singer. He is known to have lost a massive 60 pounds. Naturally, I was intrigued by his weight loss journey and wanted to know more about how he actually achieved his weight loss goal.

Since I have in the fitness industry for a long time, I find such weight loss stories highly inspiring and try to find out unique and new approaches that various people take in order to get back in shape.

Chaz Bono weight loss

Keep reading to find out more about Chaz’s weight loss story.

How Did Chaz Bono Start Losing Weight?

Chaz Bono was born Chastity Bone and completed her female-to-male transition back in 2010.

However, this article is not about her transformation from a female to a male. It is about his weight loss story which started after 2010.

Before he started his transformation he had many bad and unhealthy habits that included playing video games for hours and hours at stretch, drinking and even taking drugs.

It was only when he transformed his body from a female to a male that he actually decided to do something about his weight issues.

It’s interesting to note that Chaz had a history of weight cycling in the sense that he kept losing and gaining weight every now and then. He was on a celebrity weight loss reality program back in 2005 but the weight loss did not last long and he gained it back quite soon after the program ended.

According to Bono, one of the main reasons for his fluctuating body weight for changes in his hormonal levels that started once he got into the treatment for his transition back in 2008.

According to research, transgender people are likely to get obese and gain weight before and after hormone therapy.

However, once he was done with the transformation, Chaz realized the importance of taking good care of his body so that he could look great too.

Chaz Bono Before After – Body Transformation

Here’s a before and after pic showing body transformation of Chaz Bono:

Chaz bono weight loss

Chaz Bono’s Weight Loss Plan

Initially, Chaz Bono wanted to lose 50 lbs of his body weight and the best part is that he ended up losing more than 80 lbs (since 2012). Now, this kind of weight loss is not really easy to achieve and I must say that his weight loss journey has been truly remarkable.

It is worth noting here that it was American TV host and physician Travis Stork who advised him to lose 50-80 lbs of body weight after having seen his physical exam and blood work.

Before starting off Chaz had a high cholesterol level, elevated blood pressure and Insulin resistance which indicated a high risk of diabetes.

In the year 2013, Chaz was able to drop his weight from 250 lbs to 190 lbs and this made him feel really confident about himself.

Chaz Bono’s Stats

Date of BirthMarch 4, 1969
Height5’ 1.5”
Starting Weight250 lbs
Total Weight Loss80 lbs

Did Chaz Bonon Undergo Surgery for Reducing Body Fat?

Nope! This is something that is quite clear. Chaz did not undergo any kind of surgery to lose excess body fat. It is worth noting that such surgeries are more than common among Hollywood celebs.

Even though Chaz underwent breast removal and penile reconstruction surgeries, he did not undergo any surgical procedure to lose excess body fat or weight.

Chaz Bono’s Diet

One of the smartest things that Chaz did with his diet was that he stuck to a low-carb diet with plenty of green vegetables. Not just this, he also included meat in his diet to ensure he got enough protein and energy.

He is known to have used Freshology during the early phase of his weight loss journey to organize a fat loss plan.

Freshology is a meal program that is known to deliver frozen foods to its customers on a weekly basis. The best part is that their meal programs are quite flexible and you can customize your meal plan according to your liking.

However, a couple few days later he realized that he was not a strict diet person and this is when he switched to a Pegan diet – a mix of paleo and vegan!

Now, his diet mainly consists of fruits, grass-fed meat, vegetables, etc. Not just this, he also voids having sugar and dairy products (except for goat cheese, grains and starches).

Not just this, he has worked hard to ensure portion control which can be quite effective in making you lose weight. In an interview with Travis Stork, Chaz is known to have said that portion control greatly helped him achieve his weight loss goals.

However, most nutritionists agree that diet alone is not the best way to lose weight. As a matter of fact, dieting over time can actually slow down your metabolism which can further make it hard for you to burn fat and lose weight.

It is often recommended that you combine diet with a good training routine. Whether you opt for a cardio routine or a strength training routine, is your own choice.

Chaz Bono’s Workout Routine

Chaz Bono followed a routine in which he combined dancing and high-intensity martial arts. (His workout plan is quite similar to Dan Fogler’s weight loss plan which also combined Karate with other outdoor activities to lose weight.)


Chaz Bone participated in Dancing with the Stars back in September 2011 and at that time he had already started his weight loss journey and the pounds had started coming off.

As he danced and trained with his instructor Oksana Dmytrenko, he started seeing even better results with dancing helping him burn even more fat.

He is known to have claimed on the 24th Annual GLAAD Media Awards that he still enjoys dancing and takes dancing classes regularly. Not just this, it is also known that he now combines dancing with martial arts as a part of his training routine.

Dancing not only helped him burn more fat but also helped boost his confidence. All this added up and made him feel better about himself.

Martial Arts Training

As mentioned above, it is not just dancing that helped Bono lose weight. He also joined MMA or mixed martial arts classes in order to get back in shape back in 2013.

He trained under Frank Colcher and soon found out that MMA not only helped speed up his fat loss but also helped increase his strength, flexibility and stamina. MMA matches can go on for several rounds and they are simply great as high-intensity workouts.


Kickboxing is a form of martial arts that stands out because it can help burn fat rather quickly. A single session can help you burn as much as 900 calories an hour.

It is hardly surprising that Chaz Bono has been able to drop pounds and pounds of weight with this form of martial arts.

It is quite evident from Bono’s case that if you are trying to lose weight then a cardio workout can be excellent to help you achieve your weight loss goals quickly.

Lose Weight Fast with a Natural Fat Burner


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Chaz Bono’s weight loss story is truly inspiring since losing 80 lbs without resorting to fancy diets or surgery is not an easy thing. If you too want to lose weight, I would suggest following a good diet and training routine. Combining it with a natural fat-burning supplement like PhenQ may also help a great deal.

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