Does Eddie Hall Use Steroids?

Popularly known as the Beast, Eddie Hall is a former Strongman who is known to hold the amazing record of lifting 500 kg in the deadlift. Not just this, he is known to have won many titles in his career span.

Without a doubt, he is someone with a large body frame, incredible strength, heavy body weight, and an intimidating voice and all this seems to have raised suspicion about him taking steroids. This is what this article is about – Does Eddie Hall use steroids?

Does Eddie Hall use steroids

Is Eddie Hall on steroids or is he natural?

As a fitness expert myself, I would say that I have seen countless strongmen and athletes and having a look at Eddie there are some signs that could give him away as one of those who have succumbed to using gear to meet their professional goals.

Reasons Eddie Hall is Suspected of Takin Steroids

Let’s have a look at some of the factors that have raised suspicions about Eddie taking steroids:

Extra Fast Recovery Before Deadlifting Record

It is somewhat hard to believe that someone can naturally jump from lifting 465 kgs to 500 kgs on the same day. It must be taken into account that after a record lift of 465 kgs, Eddie succeeded in lifting 500 kgs later during the course of the same day. This tends to make people suspicious that he might have used steroids or PEDs to ensure a faster recovery.

Usually, most athletes, bodybuilders, and strongmen take a break from their training schedule after participating in a contest. This is because extremely heavy lifts tend to put a massive strain on your central nervous system or CNS and in order to get things back to normal, your body definitely needs a break from intensely strenuous activities.

Abnormally Strong Shoulders

Before I make my point, it is worth watching the video below:

You can’t miss noticing how powerful shoulders Eddie Hall has. if you look at the video carefully, you will find something unique about the way Eddie has attempted all his lifts. Unlike most of the other contestants who used a kneejerk to get the loaded axle bar above their shoulders for the initial push, Eddie performed a strict press with all his attempts, even when lifting the record-breaking weight of 216 kgs.

This might be because of his extra-powerful shoulders. I must mention here that most steroid users have better-developed shoulders since androgen receptors in your shoulders are more responsive to steroids.

Over Developed Physique

Just a single look at Eddie Hall and get in awe of his extremely well-developed body with boulder shoulders, massive chest and a wide body frame. It makes you wonder if a body like this is even possible without using steroids.

No doubt, there are bodybuilders who are huge and can stand comparison with Eddie Hall but most of them are known to be using gear for either muscle gain or to get ripped.

Even after losing 40 kgs now, Eddie Hall sports a big chest which might indicate that he has been juicing. Even though his focus seems to be on cutting, he is still known to have kept his chest size.

Nose Bleed While Deadlifting 500 kgs

One of the most common telltale sign of using steroids is that it can lead to nose-bleeds while lifting heavy weights.

does Eddie hall take steroids

As shown in the pc above, Eddie Hall experienced nosebleed while lifting 500 kgs on deadlift.

Typically, nosebleeds indicate use of testosterone to enhance strength and performance and thus, it might be assumed that Eddie has been on steroids or testosterone.

Eddie Hall Training History

Let’s have a look at Eddie’s training history.

What we know is that as a teenager, Eddie was quite active and he used to play rugby. Not just this, it is also known that he took part in swimming competitions too.

However, it is only in 2008 that he got into heavy gymming. This kind of training requires a heavy diet too. It shouldn’t come as a surprise when I tell you that his aim is to consume close to 12,000 calories a day. Moreover, he is known to train six days a week.

He is also known to have used explosive training in order to build fast-twitch muscle fibers which is something that would have greatly helped him in enhancing his strength.

After making a world record in deadlifting, he is known to have decided to retire from the annual World’s Strongest Man contest. Furthermore, he is known to have taken up boxing.

Best Feats Achieved by Eddie Hall

The most noticeable feat that Eddie seems to have pulled off is lifting 500 kg at the World Deadlift. It is something really incredible and many would consider it next to impossible.

In a YoutTube video, he is known to have said that he mentally prepared himself into lifting this much weight by picturing himself in a situation that would lead to an adrenaline rush.

It’s worth mentioning here that Eddie Hall was the World’s Strongest Man in 2017 but he could not defend the title in future events.

Is Eddie Hall Natural?

First of all, it is important to know that the World’s Strongest Man competition prohibits the use of steroids and it also conducts tests on occasions. Thus, it is possible to assume that Eddie too must have been tested for steroids and the results must have been negative.

Having said that, going through some of the factors given in the article above, it is possible that he might have used steroids earlier some time. Thus, I cannot be sure whether he has used steroids or not.

However, what is certain is that steroids are banned for good reason and they can spell havoc for your internal system.

If someone wants to improve their performance and strength or gain more muscle, then he can try natural or legal steroid alternatives that are gaining popularity with each passing day.

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Eddie Hall loses 40 kgs

Eddie’s 40 kg Weight Loss

One of the most interesting developments that Eddie seems to have gone through is that he has transformed his body from being swole to jacked, losing 40 kgs in the process.

Leaving the Strongman scene, he is known to have taken up boxing and has changed his workout completely. However, he says that his losing 40 kgs is because of a mile-and-a-half morning walk that he tries to stick to every morning.

One of the most interesting things about his walks is that he tries to vary the speed according to his liking. There’s no fixed speed that he sticks to and loves to keep it that way. He does not use any tracking devices or gadgets to count the steps taken or calories burned. The only thing that he is particular about is that he tries to step out for a run or jog every morning – No Skipping that!

How To Bulk Up Like Eddie Hall

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If you want to get incredible muscle and strength gains, it is time to combine a good workout and diet with some of the best legal bulking steroids. Such legal steroids are basically supplements that are made with natural ingredients and try to mimic various steroids in your body. They not only help you get results as close to the real steroids as possible but are able to do so without any side effects. No wonder, they have become a massive hit within the bodybuilding community.

One of the most popular bulking steroids is Dianabol. However, it can have a lot of side effects. These days more and more guys are opting for natural alternatives to steroids which are 100% legal, safe, and effective at the same time. D-Bal from Crazy Bulk mimics Dianabol and can help you get excellent bulking results without any side effects or PCT.

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Apart from D-Bal, there are a couple of other bulking steroids including testosterone, deca durabolin, and trenbolone. Check out the best bulking steroids UK that can help you gain both muscle and strength without side effects or even PCT!


Eddie has a great run at the World’s Strongest Man and with this current body transformation, he is looking even better or rather, looking like a beast!



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