Is Bradley Martyn Natural Or On Steroids

I have been in the fitness industry for many years now and have seen that while many people prefer to stay natural an equally high number start taking steroids and other drugs including SARMs in their quest to get faster results whether they want to bulk up or get ripped. I was quite intrigued when rumors about Bradley Martyn taking steroids began surfacing and I decided to delve a bit deeper to find out if Bradley Martyn is natural or not!

One of the main reasons people actually suspect him of using steroids is because of a massive change in his body that is quite apparent from his before and after photos that are available on various social media platforms.

With more than 4.2 million followers on Instagram, Bradley Martyn is immensely popular. Here’s a screenshot of his Insta account.

Is bradley martyn natural or on steroids

In this article, I have tried to highlight the physical changes that he has been through, his workout style, whether he has been tested for steroids and drugs or not, etc., to find out if he is someone who is natural or not.

Physical Signs Indicating Steroid Use by Martyn

Let me begin by saying that when someone starts training, he is likely to make big gains during the initial phase. However, muscle growth becomes slow after that initial phase is over. Hit by plateaus, most of such guys experience slow growth over the years and if someone who has been training for years experiences massive spurts of growth then he is likely taking steroids.

This is what is supposed to have happened in Martyn’s case.

Bradley Martyn is known to have been training for years and he seems to have made massive muscle growth in spite of already having a great physique. This kind of suggests that he isn’t all-natural!

Here are some physical signs that could be indicative of him taking steroids:

Is bradley martyn natural or on steroids

Thick Upper Body Muscle Mass

Looking at his photos you can actually make out that he seems to have extremely thick muscles which could be because of steroids.

In fact, his muscle growth can be compared to Chul Soon, a Korean bodybuilder who has extremely thick and full muscles. It is further known that this is something that could be attributed to using Deca Durabolin, a steroid that helps increase both muscle and strength. As a matter of fact, Deca is often known as the King of Strength Steroids.

Apart from amplifying your strength, it is also known to make muscles big and round just the way Bradley’s arms and traps look thick and massive in certain photos.

Flushed Skin

Another common sign of using steroids is flushed skin. This is because anabolic-androgenic steroids or AAS can lead to an increase in both your body’s temperature as well as blood pressure and as your body struggles to get back to normal, your skin appears flushed or as is you are just out of a hot sauna bath.

This is something very common among steroid users. Without a doubt, Martyn’s skin looks flushed and this could be a telltale sign of him using steroids.

Even though it is normal for bodybuilders who train hard and intense to have their skin appear a little flushed but Bradley’s photos show that his skin isn’t a little pink but his whole upper body looks flushed and red.

Drug Tests

Let’s find out if Bradley Martyn has been tested for steroids or drugs when competing…

Martyn is known to have competed in a couple of NPC amateur bodybuilding shows and is also known to have passed pre-competition drug tests conducted by the federation. I must say that there is no mention of him using steroids on NPC’s websites.

Having said that, it is important to note that the NPC federation does not have a good reputation as far as catching steroid users is concerned. It is common knowledge that a bodybuilder can easily go undetected if he isn’t on a steroid stack at the time of the test.

Thus, the chances of Martyn not being caught are quite high.

Bradley Martyn – Bio and Stats

Born on May 28, 1989, Bradley Martyn is 33 years old and stands tall at 6ft 3 inches. He weighs 234 lbs or 106 kgs on the scale and has a low body fat of just 7%.

He is known to have started lifting weights at a young age. Furthermore, he is known to have continued working out for many years to build good muscle mass.

He is also known to have participated in National Physique Committee (NPC) amateur bodybuilding show in 2011.

Even though he did not win any competitions, he is known to have become extremely popular with this Youtube channel that he started in 2014. He owns a fitness brand called BMFIT and is extremely popular on social media.

Martyn’s Workouts

Bradley Martyn seems to be having his own style of working out. Through his interviews, he has made it clear that he does not like to stick to a particular fitness plan or routine. On the contrary, he likes listening to his body and loves to train at least 75-90 minutes per session.

Furthermore, he believes in doing 10 reps per set and tries to train at 75-80% of his maximum.

Not just this, on certain days, he likes to concentrate on cardio activities such as pushing, pulling, and tire flipping.

I must say that he has impressive strength and that he can easily lift up to 405 lbs on the bench press.

Steroids He Might Have Used

If you look carefully at Bradley Martyn’s physique it will remind you of how Arnold looked back in the 1970s. What it could mean is that Martyn might have been on steroids such as Deca Durabolin and Dianabol.

As a matter of fact, Arnold is known to have admitted to having Dianabol in his early days but at that time little was known about the side effects of this steroid.

Let’s find out some more about Deca Durabolin and Dianabol.

is bradley martyn natural or on steroids


As mentioned above, Bradley Martyn has extremely thick muscles. Now, this could be because of using Deca or Nandrolone Decanoate.

Deca Durabolin is one of the most powerful steroids when it comes to gaining muscle as well as strength. Deca not only increases lean muscle in the body but is also known to increase the production of red blood cells. This helps boost the flow of oxygen to the muscles during workout. The direct implication is that it helps deliver more power so that you can lift heavier weights with comparative ease. However, like most of the other steroids, Deca also has a lot of side effects and is illegal to use for bodybuilding in most countries around the world. In place of this steroid, you can now actually use legal steroid alternatives that are getting increasingly popular.


Dianabol is often termed the granddaddy of all steroids. This is because it is the first steroid that came into inception. It not only increases testosterone in your body but also helps boost muscle growth and strength. Most first-timers begin with a Dianabol cycle in order to test waters as far as steroid usage is concerned.

Dianabol or Dbol not only increases muscle mass but also helps boost fat-burning in your body.

But again, it is a class 17 AA steroid and is known to have a lot of side effects. It is not supposed to be used by women at all.

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Verdict – Is Bradley Martyn Natural or On Steroids?

From physical signs, as explained above, it seems like he’s someone who has been taking steroids such as Deca or Dianabol. Moreover, he does not deny or accept taking steroids on social media.

The only way to establish that he has been taking steroids is through tests and everything else seems to be consequential. As mentioned above, tests done by NPC are not reliable and thus, it is cannot be affirmed whether he is natural or not.

That his skin looks flushed is not enough evidence to confirm that he is on steroids.

At the same time, he cannot be given a clean chit as a natty too. What I mean to say is that there is not enough proof to conform to his steroid usage.



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