Is Joe Rogan Natural Or On Steroids?

One of the most noticeable things about Joe Rogan is how is interviews and deals with athletes including bodybuilders, powerlifters, and UFC fighters. And the best part is that he never shies away from touching the topic of anabolic steroids and growth hormones.

The most surprising thing is that he has somehow managed to make many of such athletes and bodybuilders admit to taking steroids. Perhaps, what is even more interesting is that he has been extremely open about the topic.

is joe rogan natual or on steroids

What is known clearly is that Joe took very low doses of steroids but his aim was not to bulk up or gain muscle. It is known that he took steroids in order to overcome the effects and signs of aging. What strikes you the most when you hear his podcasts is that he is extremely straightforward and honest about his testosterone replacement therapy or TRT, human growth hormone or HGH, and IGF-1 use.

Why Do People Suspect Him Of Using Steroids?

People are still accusing him of using steroids because of the fact that even though he has admitted to taking steroids solely for therapeutic reasons, he has never said that he has stopped taking them or that he is off-steroids now.

Having said that, it is imperative that one understands his views and reasoning with regard to hormone replacement therapy.

Joe’s Take On TRT

Joe is known to have stated in a couple of episodes that he is on testosterone replacement therapy in order to scale back is falling testosterone levels. Not just this, he has also admitted to taking a low dose of HGH too. From what he says, it is apparent that he wants to restore his hormones to a healthier level in order to ensure better repair and healing.

Moreover, this TRT involves visits to a doctor to plan and monitor the treatment. What seems like the case is that he wants to maintain his weight while fighting the effects of aging.

He’s Open About Nootropics And Performance Enhancers

Furthermore, Joe is known to have spoken with many scientists and doctors in his show with regard to taking various kinds of natural supplements. On top of it, he has also admitted to taking Nuvigil, a drug that is known to improve focus.

Many people seem to have jumped to the conclusion that Joe has been self-medicating but what one needs to understand is that this is a drug that is commonly used by fighter pilots to improve their concentration levels.

Could Joe Rogan Have Bulked Up Without Steroids?

If you look at Joe Rogan, you would agree that it is possible to bulk up like him even in your 50’s without using testosterone, anabolic steroids, SARMs, or other drugs.

It is quite evident that Joe recognizes the importance of diet and training and that he is someone who can use his knowledge to bulk up with muscle. What is incredible is that even at this age, he trains at least 5 days a week making him more muscular than any average 50 year old.

What is certain is that he has in-depth knowledge of how to train to get the best possible results as far as both gaining muscle and burning fat are concerned.

Another crucial factor to consider is that the testosterone boost that he often speaks about is also possible with the help of natural supplements. In other words, Joe Rogan is a living example of someone who can gain muscle mass even after the age of 50 without even thinking of using steroids.

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Has Joe Ever Competed In Sports on Steroids?

Nope. Joe Rogan has never contested any sporting event while taking steroids. He was a commentator for UFC fights and is known to have trained in MMA but he was never a professional MMA fighter.

Has Joe Rogan Suffered From Steroid-Related Health Issues?

One thing that is very clear is that Joe Rogan has never suffered from any sort of health issues arising out of using steroids. He is known to have taken testosterone and that seems to have improved his overall health.

Verdict – Is Joe Rogan on Steroids?

There’s no doubt that he has taken steroids but it is also clear that he has done so for medical reasons. There’s no proof that he has taken steroids or other anabolics for gaining muscle mass or for bulking/cutting.

He is quite clear that he has been taking HGH to stay and feel younger than his age and that he has been taking it under the guidance of a medical doctor. Furthermore, it is also clear that building a body like his is naturally possible without resorting to drugs or steroids.



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