Does Chris Hemsworth (Thor) Take Steroids?

Chris Hemsworth is best known for his role in Marvel movies wherein he is known to have played the character Thor. He is supposed to have a great physique in the movie and one often wonders if Chris took steroids for his role in Thor.

Chris steroids

Did Chris Hemsworth Take Steroids For His Role In Thor?

In order to find out about anyone taking steroids, you need to check a couple of things which could include:

  • body transformation (if he has gained muscle too much too soon)
  • signs of steroid use that could include overdeveloped shoulders, acne, flushed skin, water retention, gynecomastia, etc

Let’s check out Chris Hemsworth and his body transformation in light of the above telltale signs of having used steroids:

Body Transformation

The most reliable factor to consider to determine whether someone has been taking steroids is to look at his body composition over the past several years.

Those that are natural tend to gain a significant amount of muscle when they begin lifting weights (usually within a space of a couple of months). However, after this period of initial gains, they plateau with the same muscle mass (or a bit more) for a substantial amount of time.

Thus, if you see someone who has been lifting weights for some time and reaches a plateau and then suddenly becomes huge, it should be obvious that he is using steroids.

Let’s have a look at what Chris looked like in Ca$h and Thor, to make a comparison between his two movies.

It is worth noting that the time gap between these two movies was one year and in this gap of one year, Chris is known to have gained 20 lbs of muscle mass while he has getting prepared for Thor.

Find out more about Chris Hemsworth’s Physique, workout, and diet by clicking here.

does Chris Hemsworth (thor) take steroids

Chris Hemsworth – Amazing Genetics!

In an interview with Men’s Health, Chris is known to have said that it wasn’t until Thor that he started lifting weights and that it was pretty new to him.

To me, he looks pretty jacked even in Ca$h, a year before he was seen in Thor.

What you need to keep in mind here is that within a period of one year between these two movies, he is known to have gained 20 lbs of muscle, which is not something out of the ordinary. Most natural bodybuilders who are starting out can gain this much of amount within a year.

Thus, it can be said that the amount of muscle that he has gained is something that can be achieved naturally without using anabolics or steroids!

It is also worth keeping in mind that most steroid users gain 30-50 lbs of muscle in the first 3 months itself and Chris’s gains timeline does not look like that.

Here’s another picture comparing him in Home and Away (2007) and in Thor (2011).

does Chris Hemsworth (thor) take steroids

You can easily notice in the pic above that he hasn’t actually doubled in size since Home and Away. It’s true that he has put on muscle but his transformation looks far from a typical steroid transformation. Moreover, this kind of muscle gain over a period of 4 years is not something that is extraordinary or unbelievable!

Even though you can see a lot of Chris’ pics online that are not to scale and he seems to in different positions. What you need to remember is that such pics can create an illusion as if he has gained 100 lbs of muscle, which is certainly not true.

In order to make a fair comparison, you must have two photos of him at the same scale and in the exact same front relaxed position.

Bobby Hanton is one of Chris’ close friends and stunt double and is known to have said that Chris is naturally a monster and all he has to do is look at weights and he grows!

Such comments clearly indicate that he is a natural!

chris is a natty

Other Signs of Steroid Use

Now, let’s get on to other signs of steroid use and abuse:

Does he have overdeveloped shoulders?

One of the most apparent signs of having used steroids is 3D or overdeveloped shoulders. This is because androgens in your shoulders are highly receptive to anabolic steroids and they are the first part of your body to begin growing as you take steroids. However, if you look closely at Chris, there’s nothing that suggests that he has 3D shoulders.


This one is very clear. Chris does not have any sort of pimples or acne on his face, back, chest, or anywhere else on his body. Acne is one of the most common androgenic side effects of using steroids such as Dianabol or Testosterone.

Chris gets a clean chit as far as this telltale sign is concerned too!

Flushed Skin

Flushed skin is another sign of using gear. This is because anabolic compounds tend to raise LDL cholesterol as well as your blood pressure. Not just this, but they also increase your body’s temperature. This makes your body react by trying to cool down and get back to its normal temperature. This makes your skin red and flushed just like when you are in a hot bath.

Having said that, Chris’ skin does not look flushed or red in color which again confirms that he has not been using steroids.

Water Retention/Gyno

This is a result of testosterone getting converted to estrogen in your body and is a typical side effect of using steroids. However, when you look at Chris, you will find that he does not look like he is having gyno or excess water in his body.

Verdict – Is Chris on Steroids or Not

After having gone through the above facts, I would not hesitate to say that Chris is a natural!

First of all, he does not seem to have gained an unbelievable amount of muscle mass as far as his transformation is concerned. Secondly, he does not show any signs of having juiced such as 3D shoulders, severe acne, hair loss, etc.

Chris is a guy who has some amazing genetics and is definitely someone to look up to when thinking of natural bodybuilders such as Andrew Tate or Jeff Nippard.



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