Is John Cena On Steroids or Natural?

Whether it is Eddie Hall, Brian Shaw, Triple H, or John Cena, all of them seem to be accused of taking steroids for their Herculean build. John Cena, a pro wrestler by profession is often singled out because of his powerful muscular build with the least bit trace of body fat. No wonder, he is often suspected of having used gear to get into this body shape.

To find out the real truth about John Cena taking steroids, I have tried to cover his body transformation over the years to know if he has really been taking steroids.

But, before that, I must say that he is extremely popular on social media and has a massive fan following. He has a staggering 18.2 million followers on Instagram.

is john cena on steroids or natural

Is John Cena on Steroids or Natural?

A lot of people tend to think that John Cena is not natural because of his massive muscles and out-of-this-world strength. However, this may or may not be true!

However, John Cena himself has vehemently denied using steroids ever. As a matter of fact, he is known to have gone to the extent of saying that he has been a natural since day one, in an interview. When asked by the interviewer – Have you done it? Cena replied – Absolutely not!

Not just this, he is also known to have stated that he has been training since the age of 12 attributing his health and muscular build to sheer hard work and discipline.

is john cena on steroids or natural

John Cena Age and Other Stats

John Cena was born on the 23rd of April, 1977 (45 years old at the time of writing this article) in West Newbury, Massachusetts.

He stands 6’1 tall and weighs close to 251 pounds.

When looking at his photographs closely, it may be presumed that he has 8-10% body fat and has pretty well-defined lower abs.

Comparison with other Bodybuilding Champions

Some of the facts about John Cena that you need to take into account:

  • First of all, he seems to have more lean body mass and many other past bodybuilding champs.
  • Secondly, it is worth knowing that Cena often competed in “natural” bodybuilding competitions.

Serge Nubret was another bodybuilding champ who stood 6’1 in height, the same as John Cena but he is known to have weighed between 200-271 lbs. It can also be seen (in old photos) that he has leaner and had better condition than Cena but the latter seems to have more lean muscle mass.

It is also worth noting that Arnold who is perhaps the most talented and well-known bodybuilder was 6’2 and weighed between 235-240 pounds. Interestingly enough, he is known to have admitted to taking steroids, even though little was known about the ill effects of steroids back in those days.

is john cena on steroids or natural

John Cena Early Life and Feats Achieved

As stated above, John Cena is known to have started early when it comes to building his body. He is someone who started training at the age of 12, maybe even before he hit puberty.

Here are some interesting facts about his life:

  • He is known to have attended Springfield College where he studies exercise physiology. He graduated from there in 2000 and moved to California to become a professional bodybuilder.
  • In the year 2001, he is known to have signed with Ohio Balley Wrestling or OVW and was able to win the heavyweight title in 2002.
  • After that, he is known to have debuted in WWE in June 2002.

Some of the titles won by John Cena include the following:

  • World Heavyweight Championship – 3 times
  • WWE Championship – 13 times
  • Slammy Awards – 10 times

Why John Cena is Suspected For Taking Steroids?

His massive muscular build is not the only reason people suspect him of using gear. Some of the other reasons could include the following:

Huge Gains

As mentioned above, he is known to have started training at the early age of 12, and by the time he was 18 he was already muscular. Now, at that time, he had a tiny waist which is an attribute of natural bodybuilding.

However, when you see his photos in the 2000s you can’t miss that he developed a thick waist.

Steroid users are known to have what is called a blocky appearance and a thick midsection or waist is often a sign of having used steroids. If you check professional bodybuilders these days, almost all of them seem to have protruding bellies which indicate clearly that they have been using a mix of both Insulin and HGH.

Guys that are natural bodybuilders often experience huge gains when they start lifting weights before hitting a plateau. One of the most interesting things is that most of them tend to stay almost the same size for many years until they start taking steroids which makes them grow further in terms of both muscle size and strength.

As far as Cena is concerned, he is supposed to have packed more muscle after lifting for 6 years. Now, this could be indicative of him having used steroids. If he has been natural, he would have achieved his maximum genetic potential by this point and any further growth could be because of using gear.

Flushed Skin

Another common telltale sign of having used steroids is flushed skin especially close to the chest. John Cena’s skin appears to be flushed at times and this could well be a sign of him having used steroids.

More often than not, anabolic steroids tend to elevate both your body’s temperature as well as blood pressure and your body struggles to get both these things back to normal. In the process, it looks pink or red as if you are just out of a hot sauna bath.

This is what it looks like in Cena’s case too.

signs of steroid use

Recovery Time

You would agree with me when I say that WWE Superstars put a lot at stake to entertain people.

It is not uncommon for them to make harsh landings on the hardwood ring which can even cause serious injuries. John Cena, too, is known to have suffered many serious injuries throughout his career.

Not just this, once he injured himself so badly that he had to undergo surgery too. At that time, it was expected that he would take around nine months to recover but he somehow managed to get back to the wrestling scene within five months. The interesting thing is that it was not the only time that he got injured and recovered so soon.

Such fast recovery usually happens when you are put on HGH and some other steroids. Such drugs can hasten the healing process making you recover faster.

This is another well-founded reason to suspect John Cena of having used steroids.

Massive Hands

Yet another sign that something is amiss is John Cena’s growing hands. Somehow his hands seem to be getting more and more prominent with age. This is a typical side effect of HGH or human growth hormone that leads to the growth of body parts and organs. This condition is commonly referred to as Acromegaly.

No wonder, he is often suspected of taking steroids.

Bloated Stomach

Even though John Cena has defined abs, one of the signs that could indicate him using steroids is that he seems to have slight bloating in his stomach. Now, this could e a result of excess water retention caused as a result of using Insulin and HGH together, as mentioned above.

A natural bodybuilder is not likely to experience this but it happens to be almost always there because of steroid use.

Skull Growth

if you look at Cena’s pics, you can’t miss noticing that his head has considerably grown bigger. Even though your head is not a muscle, high levels of HGH in the bloodstream can often lead to bone and tissue growth. It is not uncommon for it to lead to growing your skull.

What Steroids Could John Have Used?

Even though there’s no proof, here are some steroids, SARMs, or anabolics that he could have used:

  • HGH or Human Growth Hormone – Often leads to the growth of various body parts and organs.
  • Testosterone Propionate – Increases testosterone in the bloodstream resulting in an increase in both muscle size and power
  • Trenbolone – This is a very powerful anabolic that has an anabolic rating of 500 (with testosterone being taken as the base of 100). It not only increases muscle mass but also helps improve conditioning.
  • Cardarine – This is a SARM that is excellent for enhancing endurance.
  • Winstrol – This is yet another steroid that is commonly used for a cutting cycle.
  • Dianabol – This is the oldest steroid that is supposed to be great for bulking.

Is John Cena Tested For Steroids?

It is known that John Cena was tested for steroid use in the WWE but he was not found positive.

WWE implemented its Wellness Program back in 2006 after widespread allegations that wrestlers were using steroids and other anabolics in a big way.

Under this Wellness Program, two tests are conducted. While one checks the physical well-being of the wrestlers, the other checks them for using steroids and other banned substances.

John Cena was working as an employee of WWE when the program was implemented and as such he too was tested for steroids and other banned drugs. Furthermore, it is known that WWE suspended wrestlers who were found positive but John Cena was not one of them. In other words, he tested negative in the tests and was not suspended by WWE.

Verdict – Is John Cena on Steroids or is he Natural?

John Cena has had an immensely successful career and this could be attributed to his hard work and discipline.

Even though he shows a couple of signs of having used HGH or maybe, other anabolics, it cannot be ignored that he was tested for steroid use by the WWE and that his results were negative. Thus, it can be said that even though he is suspected of having used steroids, there is no concrete proof to substantiate this claim.

It is possible that he might have been able to gain massive muscle size and strength with the help of natural and safe steroid supplements that are 100% legal and do not require any sort of post-cycle therapy.

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