Anavar for Women (Female Bodybuilders)

Anavar or Oxandrolone is often called the girl steroid since it is quite popular among women or female bodybuilders who use it without fearing any risk of virilization or development of male features or traits such as a deep voice, growth of body hair, clitoral enlargement, etc. Women bodybuilders not only use it to burn fat but also to increase strength and endurance. It is also also used to improve body toning and muscle definition.

This article takes you through the benefits, side effects, cycle and dosage information, and legal alternatives that can help you get similar results without side effects or PCT.

Anavar for women

Anavar for Women or Female Bodybuilders

It is not just men who take steroids to get better results from workouts. A lot of women or female bodybuilders also use anabolics to gain muscle and strength or to burn fat. While most anabolics such as Dianabol, Trenbolone, Winstrol, etc., are not suitable for women, Anavar happens to be an exception which women can use in small dosages without fearing virilization.

Anavar Benefits

Some of the most common benefits of Anavar for women include the following:

Anavar for women

Muscle Hypertrophy

When it comes to increasing muscle mass, Anavar is effective but you need to be realistic with your expectations. It is not essentially a bulking compound.

It can help a female bodybuilder gain as much as 12lbs of muscle from the first Anavar cycle itself.

Having said that, Anavar is likely to increase muscle mass and enhance muscle definition as well.

Moreover, Anavar is known to increase ATP (intracellular adenosine triphosphate) production in your body which is likely to have a dramatically positive impact on your strength levels.

Another factor affecting strength is a higher level of exogenous testosterone level in your body which may help increase protein synthesis too.

Fat Loss

The problem with most anabolic steroids is that while they can reduce subcutaneous fat, they increase visceral fat which is likely to result in a protruding belly or midsection.

This is a typical problem these days with most professional bodybuilders looking like pregnant women.

However, Anavar is difference since it not only burns subcutaneous fat in your body but also helps melt away visceral fat. What this means is that it can help you get a slimmer midsection with a smaller waist.

This is what makes Anavar highly appealing to most women who want to sport a slim waistline.

Not to mention, this is an Anavar feature that is highly beneficial for women since they are prone to storing more belly fat as compared to men because of a higher level of estrogen in their bodies.

How does Anavar help burn fat?

  • Anavar, being exogenous testosterone increases lipolysis.
  • It also enhances T3 (triiodothyronine) levels in your body which is a powerful thyroid fat-burning hormone that helps speed up your metabolism.
  • It also increases Insulin sensitivity unlike other anabolic steroids and this helps in the reduction of visceral fat.

Increases Muscle Endurance

One of the benefits of Anavar is that it helps increase red blood cell production in your body. This helps enhance blood flow to the muscles during workouts. More blood or RBCs means more oxygen which gives you better muscle power and endurance.

This is one of the main reasons why Anavar remains popular among athletes. By increasing your endurance it can help you get a competitive edge over other athletes.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that while Anavar can help you gain muscle, it rarely makes you gain much weight. This is because it simultaneously helps burn more fat too.

Not just this, it does not aromatize so there is no water retention in the body. On the contrary, it can help expel extracellular water and thus give you a dry or ripped look.

Lack of Virilization

As mentioned above, Anavar does not lead to virilization. However, this is true when you stick to a low dosage (5-10mg per day) for a shorter cycle (up to 5 weeks).

Women who exceed this dosage or have it for more than 5 weeks may experience side effects such as a deeper voice, clitoral enlargement, etc. It may also disrupt their menstrual cycle.

There are female bodybuilders who are so hooked on getting results that they are ready to compromise their femininity for the sake of gaining muscle and strength to transform their bodies.

Moreover, women must be careful while taking Anavar and must make sure that what they are taking is 100% pure and unadulterated with other substances.

I am saying this because pure Anavar is quite expensive and what you get from the grey market is often adulterated with other anabolics such as Dianabol etc., which are way cheaper.

If a woman takes Dianabol unknowingly, she is most likely going to experience virilization.

Anavar Side Effects

Let’s check out some of the most common Anavar Side Effects in women:

Post Cycle Slow Down

Testosterone is not just important for men but for women too, though they produce it in a much smaller quantity. It plays a pivotal role in overall their well-being, libido and energy levels.

More often than not, women too experience a slowdown in their endogenous or natural testosterone levels when they come off Anavar. This necessitates post-cycle therapy so as to restore their natural testosterone levels as soon as possible.

This drop in testosterone levels often leads to lethargy, low mood levels and of course, a drop in the libido.

One of the best ways to help women recover is with the help of DHEA.

Anavar PCT for women

  • DHEA 25-50mg per day for 4 weeks


Almost all anabolic steroids are likely to skew your cholesterol levels by spiking LDL cholesterol and reducing HDL cholesterol.

Having said that, Anavar has a mild effect on your cholesterol levels as compared to other anabolics. Having said that, most women are likely to experience an increase in their blood pressure when on this compound.

Thus, any woman already suffering from high blood pressure should avoid taking Anavar.

Moreover, performing regular cardio during the workout may help regulate blood pressure during an Anavar cycle.

Word of caution – During the course of the Anavar cycle, a woman should avoid taking stimulants in order to protect her heart.

Liver Toxicity

Anavar is a c-17 AA steroid that is taken orally. This is what makes it toxic to the liver. However, most users do not experience a dramatic shift in their ALT/AST levels when on Aanavar because it is not just processed by the liver but by the kidneys too.

This means that the load is shared by the liver as well as the kidneys. In other words, it tends to reduce the strain on the liver.

This is why Anavar is not as hepatotoxic as some of the other steroids such as Anadrol or Winstrol.

Having said that, if you combine it with alcohol or stack Anavar with other steroids like Winstrol, it can lead to considerable liver toxicity with cirrhosis and peliosis hepatis both being possible.

Fortunately, the liver is one of the most resilient organs in your body that can take a lot of abuse and still manage to recover by itself. Anavar is unlikely to cause much damage to the liver on its own.

In spite of this, it is recommended that you should have a TUDCA supplement while taking Anavar in order to reduce hepatic stress.

Anavar Dosage for Women

The optimum dosage for women ranges from 5-10mg per day. Moreover, the cycle should last between 4-5 weeks.

As mentioned above, women should neither exceed this dosage nor should they have it for more than 5 weeks.

With this dosage and cycle length, most women do not experience any negative side effects.

Furthermore, it is also not recommended to stack Anavar with other steroids since it can increase the chances of virilization.

Legal Anavar Alternative for Women

When it comes to steroids, a better approach is to go for natural or legal steroid alternatives since they are effective, safe and free of all kinds of negative or nasty side effects. ACut from Brutal Force is the perfect alternative for Anavar which you can order online without a prescription.


ACut is made with natural ingredients and mimics Anavar or oxandrolone. It not only increases lean muscle mass but also enhances strength and endurance. It can help burn both subcutaneous and visceral fat in your body and can help shape up abs too.

ACut can be used by both men and women and it can be stacked with other legal steroids too. As a matter of fact, the Definition Stack consisting of ACut, WinCut, CCut, TBulk and SBulk is extremely popular. ACut comes with free shipping in the UK and the rest of the world and is backed by a 100-day money-back guarantee. Click on the button below to read ACut review:


Anavar is one of the few steroids that women can use without feeling the side effects (provided they take it in a small dosage for a shorter cycle length). While it does have its benefits, a better option is to stay natural and go for legal steroid alternatives like ACut from Brutal Force.

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