8 Surprising and Proven Testosterone Boosters for Men

If you want to increase your testosterone levels naturally then you must be looking for proven and effective testosterone resources and tools that can help stimulate natural testosterone production in your body.

No problem.

You are at the right place. This article will take you through some of the most surprising testosterone-boosting resources and tools that you must have access to in order to put your T-levels back in place.

8 Surprising and Proven Testosterone Boosters for Men

Without much ado, let me begin with this list of testosterone boosters that you should start using:

8 surprising and proven testosterone boosters for men

Non-Plastic Gym Bottles and Flasks

Even though plastic is used widely by both men and women, it can have serious repercussions when it comes to your testosterone levels and the little swimmers in your ‘nads.

You don’t need any prize for guessing that Bisphenol A or BPA has been linked to suppressing natural testosterone and DHT production in men. Not just this, it is also known to reduce male fertility. Furthermore, it is also one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction in men who work in their production centers.

You see, plastic is not your friend. Plastic isn’t environment friendly and it certainly isn’t testosterone friendly either. You would be surprised to know that most people in the US have high levels of phthalates (a chemical used in making plastic) in their urine 24/7/. There are many xenoestrogenic substances in plastic that kill testosterone production in your body. So, if you want to boost your testosterone levels, it is time to shun plastic completely out of your life and out of your home.

You would be surprised to know that when compared water from the same spring packed in a plastic bottle shows three times higher estrogenic activity as compared to the one packed in a glass bottle.

So, what to do about it?

The only answer to this is that you should stop using plastic products, particularly when it comes to culinary items. However, the big problem these days is that plastic seems to be used everywhere. Thus, it is best to try and minimize your plastic use.

You can certainly use stainless steel bottles and drinking flasks in the gym and elsewhere in order to keep your testosterone levels up.

Non-Teflon Cookware

A lot of cookware now use Teflon and perfluoroalkyl compounds (PFCs) and one of the biggest implications of such cookware is that they could end up suppressing your natural testosterone production.

PFOA and PFOS are two of the most commonly used chemicals that are used in making non-stick coatings. The problem is that they can both bind to human androgen receptors and prevent them from binding with testosterone and DHT.

According to research and study, such coating materials can increase plasma testosterone (which is normally less used in your body), reduce sperm count (leading to infertility in men) and small testicles or shrinkage of testicles.

Even though most manufacturers of such cookware recommend scratching the surface of the pan before use, it leaves much to desire. I must mention here that such reassurances are hardly satisfying especially when companies such as DuPont (responsible for inventing Teflon) have a track record of holding back vital information as far as the real effects of their chemicals are concerned.

Personally, I don’t like using Telfon at all!

It is far better to opt for cookware that comes with ceramic coating and is free of PFOA, PFOS and other chemicals that are known to suppress testosterone in men.

Furthermore, you must also make sure that the ceramic cookware that you buy is also free of cadmium and other heavy metals.

Full ceramic pans are a good option but they have a drawback!

Their lifespan is much less and you might have to buy them much sooner again as compared to a Teflon pan that is likely to last six times longer.

Yet another option is to go for the cast iron skillet but it would require a lot more maintenance. If you can do so then opt for it. It is used in a lot of Indian households even today.

8 surprising and proven testosterone boosters for men

Water Filtration Jug or the RO System

You cannot even trust tap water these days. It comes with a lot of chemicals that cannot be cleared at the water treatment plants. You would be surprised to know that tap water bears a lot of chemicals including Teflon byproducts, BPA, phthalates, fluoride, cadmium, chlorine, mercury, lead, etc., and almost all of them are known to suppress testosterone production in men. What is even worse is that these chemicals can also lead to a whole lot of other diseases and dysfunctions over time.

So, what do you do?

The simplest solution is to either get a water filter jug or get a RO system installed so that you can use filtered water for drinking as well as for cooking.

Even though such water filter jugs and RO systems are far from perfect, they can still manage to remove or filter a lot of harmful stuff and the best part is that they can also make water taste better.

However, there could be some drawbacks.

One of the biggest drawbacks of a water filter system is that it can be somewhat expensive. Moreover, you might require a plumber to install it. Not just this, it may also require regular maintenance. However, most companies selling ROS now send their experts to install their machines and they also provide annual maintenance contracts so that things are not as expensive as they could be.

Good Quality Multivitamin

Most men do not realize the importance of a good quality multivitamin when it comes to increasing their testosterone levels. Simply put, a good quality multivitamin is the best way to fill out the gaps in your diet and nutrition.

You may not be aware of it but your body could be lacking a lot of stuff including boron, zinc, vitamin D, selenium, vitamin K2, vitamin E, etc. which are so important for normal testosterone production and when your body lacks them, it is likely to produce less testosterone. By taking a good quality multivitamin you can make up these deficiencies so that your body is able to produce testosterone and restore normal hormonal balance.

Now, a multivitamin is not a magic pill and you may notice a slight or little increase in testosterone with such a pill but what you must keep in mind is that filling up micronutrient deficiencies is always a good idea.

And don’t forget that in some cases, it can actually soar your testosterone levels. For instance, by correcting zinc deficiency, it can help shoot up your T-levels.

strength training


One of the best ways to boost testosterone in your body is with the help of exercise and I am not talking about a stroll in the park. Strength training is your best bet when it comes to exercises that can boost testosterone. Compound exercises such as squats, deadlift, chest press are some of the best ones for increasing testosterone in your body.

Ideally, your workout must not extend an hour since beyond that your Cortisol levels begin increasing which tends to lower testosterone. It is interesting to know that Cortisol and Testosterone have an inverse relationship. When one goes up, the other goes down.

So, stick to a good training routine and train for 30-45 minutes per session at least 4-5 days a week. It is important to keep in mind that in order to allow your body to repair and recover, you must allow it enough rest during the week.

Good Pillow and Blue-Light Blockers

When it comes to testosterone, sleep is extremely important. Lack of sleep or sleep deprivation is one of the underlying causes of low testosterone in men. More and more are now trying to pack in more in the day time than their bodies can afford. The worst part is that most of them try to get away with 5-6 hours of sleep each night.

The net result…

Low testosterone, irritability, lethargy, poor libido and even erectile dysfunction.

In order to get your testosterone levels back on track, it is important that you sleep for at least 7-8 hours each night.

It is not just the sleep duration that matters but also how deep you sleep. In order to make sure that you sleep more and deep you must make sure that you have a comfortable pillow and a good mattress. Not just this, you must also switch off all your digital devices that emit blue light since they tend to interfere with sleep. As such, switch off your phone, iPad, etc. Draw the curtains and make sure there are no noises to disturb while sleeping.

I’m inclined to say that sleeping more is the easiest way to boost testosterone, but in this day and age, you probably agree that it isn’t that easy to go to bed early.

And stop watching Netflix either on your phone or tablet. This is because most guys who watch it tend to binge on until the morning hours. Likewise, if you are hooked to social media, you are likely to spend or rather waste a lot of time lying in bed and scrolling through your phone rather than sleeping. This actually affects you in two ways:

  • First of all, it delays your sleep and makes you sleep less.
  • Secondly, your eyes get exposed to the bright blue light which inhibits melatonin production.

So, here are some vital testosterone boosting tools that may help improve your sleep both in terms of time and depth:

  • Blue light blocker glasses and smartphone apps
  • Good quality pillow and a light comforter along with a good mattress.

Loose Fitted Boxers

If you find this one assuming, hear me out.

Tight underpants actually kill your nuts. They hand apart from your body because of a reason – they need to be cooler than the rest of your body in order to ensure proper sperm production. Tight underpants press them against your thigh and heat up, thereby suppressing testosterone production as well as sperm production.

What’s the solution to this?

Well, the easiest solution is to wear loose boxers or go commando, if that is your style.

Natural Testosterone Boosting Supplements

One of the most proven ways to increase testosterone is with the help of an all-natural and safe testosterone booster, such as Testogen.

Testogen can help stimulate natural testosterone production in the body. It can help you gain muscle, increase strength, improve mood, enhance libido, and increase fat burning in the body. One of the best things about Testogen is that it has no negative side effects. It has been getting great reviews from users and has been used by thousands of men around the world with excellent results. Check out more on Testogen by clicking here.


There you go, eight essential testosterone-boosting items every man should own. These are some of the most essential testosterone boosting tools and resources that every man should have in order to boost his testosterone levels naturally.