Best Cutting Steroids to Get Ripped Abs in the UK

Since you want to get the best cutting steroids to get ripped in the UK, you must look for natural or legal steroids from Brutal Force that can help speed up your metabolism (while preserving lean muscle), reduce water retention and enhance vascularity without side effects or PCT.

best cutting steroids

Best Cutting Steroids to Get Ripped Abs in the UK

This article will take you through some of the best steroids for cutting along with their pros and cons and also suggest legal alternatives so that you can use them safely without fearing any sort of negative side effects.

Sadly, an ever-increasing number of bodybuilders are now facing health problems that often turn fatal resulting in early death. The use of steroids is so rampant that bodybuilders have become some of the most unhealthy people around.

Natural or legal steroids are a better option as compared to anabolic since they can help you burn fat and get ripped muscle without side effects.

Some of the best steroids that can be used in a cutting cycle include the following:

  1. Anavar
  2. Winstrol
  3. Clenbutrol (not a steroid but is commonly used by bodybuilders for cutting)
  4. Trenbolone
  5. Testosterone

Let’s find out more about each of these steroids in detail here:

Anavar or Oxandrolone for Cutting

Anavar or Oxandrolone is an anabolic steroid that is often used by bodybuilders during the cutting phase to shred fat and build muscle at the same time.

Important facts:

  • Anavar is taken orally
  • Is used mainly for cutting
  • Even though it can lead to muscle gains, they are nowhere close to the gains experienced with bulking steroids such as Dianabol or Deca Durabolin
  • Can be used by women too without fearing virilization

Winstrol is another steroid commonly used for cutting and in comparison, Anavar is known to produce less muscle gains. Having said that, Anavar and Winstrol lead to almost equal fat loss.

One of the most appealing factors that make Anavar more popular than Winstrol is that it is supposed to be a mild compound that can be used by both men as well as women.

Women can also use Anavar without fearing virilization (development of masculine features such as deepening of the voice, growth of facial hair, clitoral enlargement, etc.) when taken in a low dose for a shorter cycle.

Anavar is considered a mild steroid because it does not have side effects as severe as other anabolics have. This is what makes it more popular with men who are concerned about side effects and do not want to use something as harsh as Winstrol.

What makes Anavar a better choice than Winstrol?

Apart from having fewer side effects, what gives Anavar an edge over Winstrol is that it tends to increase glycogen storage within the muscle cells. What it means is that it can lead to a pumped look rather than make you look depleted!

But this is not all!

Anavar also produces diuretic effects and is able to eliminate fluid situated on the outside of your muscles. Thus, it can be very effective for increasing vascularity.

Yet another important benefit of Anavar is that in spite of being a cutting steroid, it can help boost your strength levels tremendously. In my opinion, it is not entirely a girl steroid. Many male bodybuilders are known to use Anavar not just for cutting but for gaining strength too.

This strength attribute of Anavar is mainly because of its unique ability to produce ATP inside the muscle cells.

Legal Anavar Alternative

One of the best ways to get all the benefits of Anavar while avoiding any of the negative side effects is by using a legal alternative such as ACut from Brutal Force that does not even require a prescription. It is formulated with natural ingredients and can help you get amazing cutting results as well as ensure a massive increase in your strength levels so that you can lift harder and churn out those few extra reps that matter the most!

ACut does not have any side effects and can be used along with other legal steroids from Brutal Force for faster and better results.

best cutting steroids
ACut from Brutal Force


  • 100% legal formula
  • Made in the UK
  • Mimics Anavar
  • Cuts and hardens muscles
  • Preserves lean muscle
  • Magnifies strength
  • Helps achieve massive pumps
  • No side effects
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Complete money back guarantee

ACut is safe, legal and effective. You do not require a prescription to order it. All that you need to do to buy is just place your order online and you are done. Shipping is free in the UK and the rest of the world. What makes it even more desirable is that it has been getting awesome user reviews. Click here to check out my detailed ACut review.

Anavar Side Effects

Even though most bodybuilders presume Anavar to be safe, what you need to keep in mind is that it is an anabolic steroid and it does not come without side effects.

Some of the main side effects of Anavar could include:

  1. Testosterone suppression and
  2. raised LDL cholesterol levels

Even though Anavar is not going to result in testicular atrophy, it will certainly lead to a moderate decline in your testosterone levels.

In simple words, it will not shrink your testicles to the size of a pea as other anabolic steroids but it will definitely slow down natural testosterone production in your body to a certain extent. The good thing, however, is that your body will start producing testosterone normally once you come off Anavar.

Secondly, Anavar will lead to changes in your lipid profile marked by an increase in your LDL cholesterol levels.

What it implies is that it can lead to a subtle increase in your blood pressure. However, this increase in blood pressure is minimal as compared to what other steroids such as Dianabol or Anadrol can result in.

Apart from these, you could also experience a couple of androgenic side effects such as acne and hair loss. Even though these side effects are not common, they are more likely to occur in men who are already prone to getting breakouts or hair loss.

As far as women are concerned, some users are known to have noticed their menstrual cycle getting irregular when taking a higher dose or toward the end of the cycle. The best way to avoid this is by taking smaller doses and by sticking to a shorter cycle.

As a result of a drop in the production of testosterone, both men and women are likely to experience a marginal decrease in their libido or sex drive.

Even though you are most likely to recover once you come off Anavar, a PCT can be a big help in nullifying the effects quickly.

Winstrol or Stanozolol

The next steroid that deserves a mention on this list of best cutting steroids to get ripped and shredded abs and muscles is Winstrol or stanozolol.

Winstrol is an oral steroid and is not just great for cutting but is also preferred for its lean muscle gains.

Even though it may not help you gain muscle gains like other anabolics such as Trenbolone, it can definitely help your body burn a lot of fat.

If you are someone who prefers pills over injections and are more of someone who is interested in getting rid of excess body fat (rather than gaining massive muscles) then Winstrol is just the correct compound for you.

If you want to see how Winstrol can lead to transformation then you must check out Zac Effron’s body transformation in Baywatch.

Some of the main things that stood out in his transformation were that he went from lean to ripped and shredded while gaining a noticeable volume of muscle while getting increasingly leaner and vascular at the same time.

Winstrol is a steroid that can also be used for clean or lean bulking. Typically, you can gain up to 10 lbs of muscle with a Winstrol cycle while dropping a few percent body fat.

As compared to Trenbolone, Winstrol doesn’t fill out the muscles as much keeping in mind that Tren is a far more powerful anabolic as compared to Winstrol.

Bodybuilders on Winstrol often look a little flat in spite of gaining muscle during the course of the Winstrol cycle. The reason behind this could be the fact that it leads to intracellular water depletion.

Legal Winstrol Alternative

If you want to buy Winstrol legally in the UK, you must consider WinCut from Brutal Force. This is a formula that is 100% natural and you do not require a prescription to order it. WinCut is an excellent fat burner and muscle gainer.

It burns fat, preserves muscle, increases strength, power & agility and has been getting amazingly positive user reviews. There are no side effects and the best part is that it can be used by both men and women, unlike Winstrol which is not suitable for women.

best cutting steroids
WinCut from Brutal Force


  • 100% legal alternative to Winstrol
  • Made in the UK
  • No Prescription required
  • Taken orally
  • Cuts and hardens muscles
  • Sculpts physique
  • Shapes Up Abs
  • Helps gain lean muscle
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • No side effects
  • Amazing user feedback
  • Complete money back guarantee

WinCut can help you get results like Winstrol when you use it in conjunction with an intense training routine and a proper diet. It has no negative side effects and can be stacked with other legal steroids Brutal Force such as ACut (mentioned above). Click here to read my detailed and unbiased WinCut review.

Winstrol Side Effects

Winstrol or Stanozolol is a toxic steroid just like Trenbolone and beginners or those that have no experience with steroids, must avoid using it.

One of the concerning side effects of Winstrol is that it can lead to an increase in LDL or bad cholesterol eventually resulting in a spike in your blood pressure.

Oral steroids, generally are bad for your heart. First of all, they are toxic to the liver and bear a negative impact on cholesterol levels in your body thereby resulting in reduced blood flow.

Since Winstrol is an oral steroid, it is likely to raise your liver enzyme significantly and therefore, it is important to keep your Winstrol cycle as short as possible (within the range of 6-8 weeks max).

Moreover, it can also lead to androgenic side effects such as hair loss. Acne breakouts are more common among people who are genetically predisposed to it.

In some cases, Winstrol can also lead to joint pain. This is because Winstrol is essentially a dry steroid and can lead to less cushion in your joints. Thus, if you are an old bodybuilder who already has aching joints, Winstrol can worsen your condition and as such it is not the best choice for you!


Clenbuterol is not a steroid but I would like to include it in this list of best steroids for cutting for two main reasons.

First of all, it is a highly powerful fat burner that can help increase lean muscle in your body.

Secondly, most bodybuilders use it during the cutting cycle in order to get rid of excess body fat and to reveal solid, pure and dense muscle that is usually hidden under the fat layer.

How does Clenbuterol work?

Clenbuterol stimulates your central nervous system and increases adrenalin output which tends to raise your body’s temperature by as much as 1 degree.

When it does so, your body in order to maintain homeostasis, stimulates the sweat glands to cool back itself to the normal body temperature.

This process tends to increase your body’s BMR or basil metabolic rate which enables your body to burn fat faster.

Clenbuterol, as mentioned above, increases your adrenalin levels and puts your body into fight or flight mode. As a consequence, blood flow is improved throughout the body.

Better blood flow helps increase muscle endurance in a massive way paving the way for bodybuilders to churn out more repetitions in every set. This greatly helps increase lean muscle mass.

Not just this, it also means that Clenbuterol can increase your energy levels tremendously. More energy means more power for you to train harder in the gym.

Clenbuterol also helps suppress your appetite. In spite of burning more calories during the day, you will not feel as hungry. This further with losing excess fat from your body.

Over and above, Clenbuterol is an excellent diuretic which means that it helps flush out extracellular water. Thus, when you take Clenbuterol for cutting, you are left with ultra-lean muscle mass.

CCut from Brutal Force


  • Made in the UK
  • 100% legal formula
  • Mimics Clenbuterol
  • Burns fat, preserves lean muscle
  • Great for a cutting cycle
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • No side effects
  • Can be stacked with ACut and WinCut
  • Complete money-back guarantee

Clenbuterol Side Effects

Let’s have a look at some of the side effects and what CCut can prevent from happening:

As mentioned above, Clenbuterol tends to arouse your sympathetic nervous system and in the process, it raises your heart rate massively.

This in itself is a big cause of concern because your heart is not meant to work so fast. As a consequence, in extreme cases, it can lead to a heat attack!

According to anecdotal evidence, Clenbuterol can lead to your heart beating as fast as 180 beats a minute.

Thus, it can be really dangerous for anyone already having cardiac issues and can prove fatal.

Another side effect is that it can heighten anxiety because of the fight or flight effect that it produces.

Excessive arousal of the CNS may make a person presume any and every situation to be a threat and this can negatively affect mental health.

One of the ways out of this situation is to take a sedative but the problem is that it counteracts with Clenbuterol and reduces its thermogenic effect, making the whole exercise futile.

Excessive stimulation of the central nervous system can also lead to depression because of its come down effect.

Initially, when you take Clenbuterol it heightens Dopamine levels in your body just to drop or crash them as you become tolerant to the drug or when you stop taking it.

Insomnia is yet another side effect of having Clenbuterol because of an overly active nervous system.

Some bodybuilders suggest having Clenbuterol earlier in the evening so that they can sleep well. However, this is something that doesn’t work since Clenbuterol has a very long half-life of 35 hours.

In other words, it is going to be in your system for a very long time and there’s no point in having it earlier in the evening.

What is worse is that sleep deprivation can further increase Cortisol levels in your body, elevate blood pressure and it may further inhibit fat burning in your body.


Trenbolone is not just the most powerful steroid but also one of the best choices that can help you get ripped. It comes with a high anabolic rating of 500.

What it means is that it can help you gain muscle mass very quickly.

However, it also bears an androgenic rating of 500 making it great for burning fat too. This is because androgenic receptors help in stimulating lipolysis and reducing fat mass in your body.

It is one of the most versatile steroids that can be used for both bulking as well as cutting cycles and it kicks in really fast resulting in dramatic changes in the body in a short period of time.

Over and above, Trenbolone is a diuretic too and it can help flush out extracellular water. Getting rid of this water makes you have a dry, ripped and shredded appearance.

More often than not, when you come off a Tren cycle, you regain this water weight. However, muscle gains and the fat loss that you experience are permanent as long as you take care of your diet and keep training hard in the gym.

TBulk from Brutal Force


  • Made in the UK
  • 100% legal formula
  • Mimics Clenbuterol
  • Burns fat, preserves lean muscle
  • Great for a cutting cycle
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • No side effects
  • Can be stacked with ACut and WinCut
  • Complete money-back guarantee

Trenbolone Side Effects

Trenbolone is the most powerful steroid with a high anabolic and androgenic rating of 500 each. Even though it is highly versatile and can be used for both bulking and cutting, it is certainly not a steroid for beginners.

This is because the side effects are likely to be quite harsh.

It can cause significant cardiovascular strain because of a dramatic change in cholesterol levels (LDL).

However, it is not hepatotoxic because it is an injectable steroid. This may be counted as an advantage but the other side effects are likely to be quite drastic which negate this benefit.

Testosterone suppression on this cycle can be really severe and it may take several months for endogenous testosterone production to get back to its normal levels. This is why it is extremely important to plan a PCT beforehand so that you do not experience a severe crash.

Even though gynecomastia does not occur because Trenbolone does not aromatize as much and does not lead to high estrogen levels. Yet, gynecomastia may occur because of Trenbolone raising progesterone levels in your body.

Some of the milder side effects include acne and hair loss. It may also lead to prostate issues as one of the androgenic side effects.


Even though Testosterone is commonly used for a bulking cycle, it is one of the few anabolics that are highly effective for burning fat too.

Bodybuilders who take testosterone during a cutting cycle and combine it with other cutting compounds experience faster cutting results.

This makes it one of the best steroids for cutting while adding bulk at the same time. What it means is that it can help burn fat while increasing muscle mass.

Testosterone burns fat in a similar way as Trenbolone and that is through stimulating lipolysis. Even though it is not as powerful as Tren when it comes to burning fat, it is far safer in terms of side effects.

Natural Testosterone Boosteer



  • Made in the UK
  • 100% natural formula
  • Stimulates testosterone production
  • Increases fat burning
  • Grows muscle mass
  • Enhances strength
  • Boosts libido
  • Testo Drops ensure immediate increase in testosterone
  • No Known side effects
  • Amazing user reviews and ratings
  • Complete money back guarantee

Testosterone Side Effects

Testosterone is supposed to be the safest steroid and it is no surprising that a lot of men opt for TRT to help the recover from symptoms and effects of low testosterone such as poor or sluggish libido, erectile dysfunction, low energy and reduced overall well-being, etc.

Even though testosterone, as a steroid, can increase cholesterol levels in your body, the impact is not as drastic as compared to other anabolic steroids.

It can be said that testosterone’s effect on cholesterol and blood pressure is mild as compared to other anabolic steroids which makes it one of the most cardiac-friendly anabolics available out there.

That being said, it is important to keep in mind that a higher dose can obviously increase the chances to experience high blood pressure.

Since it is taken as an injectable, it does not strain the liver and is not hepatotoxic.

Gynecomastia is definitely a cause of concern since Testosterone converts readily to estrogen. Even though this is not a dangerous condition, getting man boobs can be really embarrassing for most men and put them under psychological stress.

In order to prevent this, Testosterone is usually combined with a SERM such as Nolvadex.

Hair loss is another side effect that occurs because of an increase in DHT levels. However, most bodybuilders are not inclined to block DHT since it is a powerful anabolic hormone and blocking it may result in inhibiting muscle gains.

Regular Testosterone cycles can lead to premature hair loss or recession. However, men who have strong genetic may not experience hair loss at all.

Some of the other androgenic side effects that could occur include acne, oily skin and prostate issues.

A Test cycle can also result in testosterone suppression in your body and this requires you to go for a PCT.

Some of the drugs used as PCT could include Clomid, hCG, Nolvadex and Anastrazole.


When it comes to a cutting cycle, some of the best cutting steroids that can help you get ripped include the likes of Anavar, Winstrol, Testosterone and Trenbolone. Even though Clenbuterol is not a steroid, it is also widely used for cutting since it is an extremely powerful fat burner. However, all these compounds are likely to produce side effects.

These days there’s a major shift towards staying natural and thus, it is best to use legal and safe steroid alternatives as mentioned above to help you get outstanding results without side effects.

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