How Long Does Dianabol Take To Work Or Kick In

Even after more than half a century after being launched, Dianabol still remains one of the most popular steroids when it comes to gaining muscle and strength in spite of the fact that stronger and better anabolics exist. One of the main reasons behind this is that most beginners trying their hand at steroids want to begin with Dianabol. This article takes you through how long it takes for Dianabol to work or kick in so that you can see the results.

how long does dianabol take to work

How Long Does Dianabol Take To Work?

To be honest, Dianabol can help you get quick results. Most people who try this steroid begin experiencing the initial results in as little as 1-2 weeks. Initially, it is an increase in your strength factor and you start lifting heavier weights than you would usually do.

Of course, the results that you get depend upon the dosage that you have been taking. Most users who take Dianabol on the lower side take longer to feel the effects. Obviously, a higher dose kicks in faster and makes you experience results sooner than those that take a smaller dosage.

Depending upon the dosage dbol can kick in as early as 1-2 weeks (higher dosage such as 25-30mg per day) or 3-4 weeks in case of a lower dosage.

There are professional bodybuilders who take an even higher dose of 50 mg per day. This is something that can make you feel the results very quickly, maybe from the first workout itself (with a marked increase in strength and obviously, better pumps) but it also raises the possibility of side effects.

User Experience – Check out this short from Derek of More Plates More Dates fame, who took a heavy dose of 30 mg per day plus and how it made him look insane:

Click play this video to find out how Dianabol kicked in quickly for this bodybuilder and how it helps him gain muscle:

Here are some important takeaways:

  • Dianabol kicks in quickly
  • You start lifting heavy within the first week and you start enjoying workouts
  • However, this sweet week lasts quickly
  • By the time you move ahead in the cycle, you start getting very powerful pumps in the lower back that can be really excruciating and you have to sit down and wait between every two steps.

When on a Dianabol cycle, you should start feeling the results within 1-4 weeks. The first effect is an increase in your strength followed by an increase in body weight. More often than not, users can gain 25-30 lbs within the first cycle itself. However, it must be noted that almost 30% of this weight gained is because of excess water retention in the body.

Having said that, the results that you get depend upon a couple of factors including your genetics, your training routine, and of course, your diet. Moreover, results may vary from person to person.

Some bodybuilders or gymgoers may see early results while others may take somewhat longer to experience the full results.

I must also mention here that Dianabol and other anabolic steroids must not be taken for a long period of time since they come with a lot of negative Dianabol pills side effects that can be highly damaging to your body, both physically as well as emotionally.

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How Do You Feel on Dianabol?

As is obvious from the videos above, when Dianabol kicks in, you simply start feeling great since you are able to lift more weight at the gym. People get impressed with the way that you lift heavy weights and this kind of people’s validation makes you feel good about yourself. Not just this, the pumps that you get are super awesome and you start yearning for more.

However, a Dianabol cycle comes with its own side effects and once they start kicking in, you start feeling miserable. First of all, the pumps in your lower back can be extremely painful. Secondly, towards the end of the cycle, water retention should have increased and it can elevate your blood pressure too. This itself can make you feel bad.

To make things even worse, your testosterone production may slow down and this can obviously lead to a host of other problems including lack of sex drive, erectile dysfunction, etc. Of course, most gym goers are aware of all the side effects and do not take Dianabol alone. They usually combine it with other drugs including an AI (aromatase inhibitor) and begin with a Dianabol PCT as soon as they end the cycle in order to restore their endogenous testosterone production.

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Legal Dianabol – How Long Does it Take To Work?

how long does dianabol take to work

When talking of legal Dianabol, I can say that it can also make you experience results very quickly. I have personally tried D-Bal from Crazy Bulk and have felt the effects from the very first workout. While this may not always be the case but by and large most users start experiencing the effects within a week or two with a surge in their strength levels.

Apart from this, D-Bal can also help boost recovery very quickly so that you are more than ready to hit the gym every day of the week and can train a certain body part a couple of times a week.

D-Bal does not have any negative side effects so you don’t have to worry about acne, hair loss, gynecomastia, liver toxicity, low libido, etc. The best part is that it also does not even require PCT since it is a natural supplement and it does not suppress testosterone production in your body. Click here to check out my unbiased D-Bal review.


Dianabol is a steroid that still remains popular among bodybuilders. Depending upon the dosage, most users can feel the effects of it kicking in within 1-4 weeks. However, those that take a heavy dosage can experience the effects kick in as soon as the first day itself but this is something that is not advisable. I must mention here that I do not advocate using steroids at all and it is better to opt for legal and natural steroid alternatives such as D-Bal from Crazy Bulk mentioned above.

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